Open 4 Closure

December 1, 2008
John Goldie Band
Watercolour Music
Producer: Nick Turner
Number of discs: 1

The music on this Open 4 Closure is a true reflection of what has inspired and influenced me as a musician and composer in what has been a varied and ultimately rewarding career. From my first forays into rock and blues, through punk, funk, jazz and classical, I have subconsciously tapped into my ‘past’ when writing and performing. I have also travelled extensively, meeting wonderful inspirational musicians around the world, including many great guitar players who continue to push the limits of what’s possible on this instrument we all love.

Angus Lyon – Accordion
Duncan Lyle – Double Bass
Jim Drummond – Drums/Percussion
Pete Harvey – Cello
Andy McKreel – Tuba

1. Backdoor Creeper – The quirky melody in this tune makes me think of anyone caught in a compromising position or situation – guilty till proven innocent!
2. Downward Spiral – A composition about the darker side of life, a fall from grace, battle with inner demons or living with the consequences of past actions and how we deal with these emotions.
3. Flyin’ Scotsman – Solo guitar piece about a train journey through the beautiful highlands of Scotland – this was the first take in the studio and I have tried to capture the speed and urgency of travel.
4. Don’t Milk it! – This is a fun tune and a good opportunity to let the band loose both rhythmically and musically – hence the tongue – in – cheek title.
5. Timepiece –Solo guitar. I wrote this tune with a very strong visual image in mind – a room in a Victorian house with a Grandfather clock ticking away in the corner – when I perform this tune I still play in time with the clock.
6. Boat Trip – Although I’ve only been sailing a few times I have a great affinity with the sea and find being around boats and a sea breeze both inspiring and relaxing which is probably responsible for the laid – back feel on this tune.
7. An Honorary Scot – Dedicated to Dr Martin Taylor MBE. Martin is a long-time friend, whose influence both musically and personally has had a profound affect on me in many ways – performing, attitude, believing anything is possible on guitar and of course socialising! Thanks for lighting the path I still follow to this day.
8. Attention To Retail – Solo guitar piece written in reaction to the ongoing retail assault on our eyes and ears on a daily basis – the aggressive nature of the piece is of course entirely co-incidental!
9. Those Who Fell – Travelling to the studio involves driving through Glencoe – epic scenery and imposing mountains with a grisly past of battles and bloodshed. This composition is about the many that lost their lives defending kith and kin.
10. Sight and Sound – One of my favourite ways to unwind is sitting outside watching the world go by sipping good coffee and observing people going about their daily business. This is my musical interpretation of what can be seen or heard and is a solo guitar piece.
11. Funky fand’jango – I have always loved both funk and gypsy jazz music so this is a composition encompassing both styles utilising a funky groove with melody and rhythm on a gypsy style guitar.
12. The Dress Suit – A melody inspired again by a visual image. Picture the scene – an elderly but dapper gentleman preparing for a special evening out – immaculately groomed moustache and perfectly pressed suit, highly polished shoes and a dab of expensive cologne – have a good evening sir.