Open 4 Closure


The music on this Open 4 Closure is a true reflection of what has inspired and influenced me as a musician and composer in what has been a varied and ultimately rewarding career. From my first forays into rock and blues, through punk, funk, jazz and classical, I have subconsciously tapped into my ‘past’ when writing and performing. I have also travelled extensively, meeting wonderful inspirational musicians around the world, including many great guitar players who continue to push the limits of what’s possible on this instrument we all love.

1. Backdoor Creeper
2. Downward Spiral
3. Flyin’ Scotsman
4. Don’t Milk it!
5. Timepiece
6. Boat Trip
7. An Honorary Scot
8. Attention To Retail
9. Those Who Fell
10. Sight and Sound
11. Funky Fand’jango
12. The Dress Suit

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